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Reason #4,913 to hate Cubs fans

As I stood, minding my own business, in line with my three year old son at the ice cream shop last night, both of us wearing our Cardinals jackets, a guy walks up to us.

He says "Boy it's a tough day for Cardinals fans," referencing the news earlier in the day that St. Louis co-ace Adam Wainwright is likely lost for the season with an elbow injury. "Sure is" I reply.

And then he says "But it's a great day to be a Cubs fan like me!" and he walks away cackling like an idiot.

(Did I say LIKE an idiot? My mistake.)

What kind of classless jerk walks up to a complete stranger in a crowd and insults them by saying they're glad someone that person admires was injured?

Of course, the easy answer is a Cubs fan. It's not the first time it happened. I was at spring training a few years back, shooting pool at a bar while wearing my Cardinals hat and a Cubs fan approached me to tell me how glad he was to hear that day that Matt Morris had suffered a similar injury.

I guess when you can't win with your own talent you have to hope for misfortune for the other guy. But I suppose the difference between a Cardinals fan and a follower of the Wee Bears is that when Mark Prior and Kerry Wood were injured I actually felt sympathy for them. I would rather have the bragging rights of beating my opponent's best than from winning by default.

But that's not the Cubs way. Instead of thinking up insults about Wainwright, maybe they should be getting a head start on making excuses of why the Wee Bears failed to end their 103-year-old championship drought in 2011. Meanwhile, I'll watch my DVD of Adam Wainwright leaping into the air in celebration when he got the clinching out in the 2006 World Series.