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Cardinals all nickname team

In addition to being the most successful team in National League history, the Cardinals have also been populated by quite the cast of characters. Here's the Redbirds' all-time nickname team:

Starting Eight

C  "Pickles" Dillhoefer

1B "Ripper" Collins

2B "Creepy" Crespi

SS Marty "The Octopus" Marion

3B "Pepper" Martin (AKA "The Wild Horse of the Osage"

LF "Stan the Man" Musial

CF "Jimmy Ballgame" Edmonds

RF Enos "Country" Slaughter

Starting Pitchers

SP "Vinegar Bend" Mizell

SP "Hoot" Gibson

SP "Ol' Pete" Alexander

SP "Dizzy" Dean

SP "Steamboat" Williams


UT Possum Whitted

 C "Spud" Davis

OF "Ducky" Medwick

3B "Whitey" Kurowski

SS Leo "The Lip" Durocher

OF "Kiddo" Davis

OF Dixie Walker 


"Dazzy" Vance

"Daffy" Dean

Harry "The Cat" Brecheen

"Wild Bill" Hallahan

"Blix" Donnelly

Who am I missing?