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Cubs fracas shows that all is normal with the world

Cubs fan have got a lot of mileage out of the Albert Pujols contract situation, going so far as to photo shop pictures of the St. Louis first baseman dressed in a disgusting Wee Bears uniform.

So it warms my heart to see their team succumb to the same shenanigans that blew up their 2010 campaign before they could even make it once through their rotation in spring training.

Last year it was Carlos Zambrano punching it up in the dugout with Derek Lee after an on-field embarassment. This time around it's Carlos Silva fighting with Aramis Ramirez after the Cubs gave up six runs with the help of three errors in the first inning of their Wednesday game against the Brewers.

At least their were no punches thrown this time. But I guess it's hard to figure out who should have clocked Silva because, as he ranted about the terrible defense, he looked at no one in particular.

Apparently Ramirez felt like the remarks were directed towards him because he made one of the errors. The pair was separated and Silva was escorted to the clubhouse, ending his day after one inning. But manger Mike Quade, brought in to steady the ship after hot headed former skipper Lou Piniella lost control of the clubhouse, announced there would be no punishment for the outburst.

The Cubs, who lost the game 12-5, have already made 14 errors in their four spring training games. Are you paying attention Albert?