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Reds worried about Rolen

Some Reds players may be humming jaunty tunes about the injury woes of Cardinals pitcher Adam Wainwright.

But maybe they should be more concerned about what goes on in their own house.

According to reports out of Cincinnati, former St. Louis third baseman Scott Rolen has been having problems with the bum shoulder that contributed to the ugly end of his time with the Cardinals.

Rolen was a surprise boost the the Reds in 2010 with 20 homers in the middle of the order and a .285 batting average to go along with his Gold Glove defense. But Rolen wore down badly in the second half. He was hitting .313 in late June before a stint on the disabled list. After he came back he hit .261 in August and .241 in September and October.

Talk in Cincinnati is that Rolen's shoulder is still problematic and that he will be lucky if he can play 120 games. But what will he offer when he is on the field?

Rolen, when his shoulder was bothering him in St. Louis, couldn't catch up with high fastballs. When he didn't swing through them he popped them up.

The loss of Wainwright was devistating to the Cardinals. But a starting pitcher only affects every fifth game. Losing an All-Star player like Rolen could impact the Reds every day of the week.