Cheap Seats

Jupiter Journal, Mar. 12, 10:13 p.m.

It sure seems like 12 hours on the road doesn't go as far as it used to...

Maybe it has a little something to do with the phrase "daddy, I need to go potty." But the inability to convince a three year old kid to shovel his lunch into his mouth at the speed of light so I can strap him back in to his car seat for another three-hour stretch might be a factor as well.

I really can't complain. For being three, he's a really good sport when it comes to traveling. Give him the iPad or his video game and a juice box and he can keep himself occupied for hours. I remember when we made trips to Florida when I was a kid. The entertainment options included counting how many cars of a certain color we would see in a row and looking for license plates from different states. How did we survive without all of the toys kids have today?

For all that effort, we barely made it to south of Macon, Ga. That's okay. But I hoped to do better. About 450 miles to go tomorrow, which won't be that bad if we can get on the road by a decent hour. Every time I take this trip I dread the drive a little bit more.

I'm looking forward to seeing some live baseball after a long, cold winter. But mostly I am looking forward to unloading the luggage in the hotel room and staying in one place for a few days. One sunny, warm place, that is.