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Cueto pulled after one inning

Reds outfielder Jonny Gomes sang a jaunty tune when he learned a few weeks back that Adam Wainwright had an arm injury that would cost him the entire 2011 season.

I wonder if he hummed a few bars of something Saturday when his club's starter, Johnny Cueto was forced to leave after only one inning pitched with forearm stiffness...

Cueto had missed more than a week because of the problem, so it seems to be a lingering sort of thing. He was shut down and sent to a doctor. No word yet on the diagnosis.

According to veteran Reds writer Hal McCoy of Fox Sports Ohio, Cueto threw 33 pitches in his lone frame, surrendering a pair of runs on a pair of hits and a hit batsman. His fastball, which has been known to light up radar guns at 95 MPH, topped out at 90.

It's a shame to see something to a guy like Cueto... A guy who ended Jason LaRue's career during a fight between the Cardinals and Reds last season when he cowardly circled around a pile of grappling players and kicked a defenseless LaRue in the face with his metal-spiked shoes while he wasn't looking.

It looks like another case of baseball Karma.