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Baseball America pans Cardinals farm system

Baseball America released this morning its annual major league farm system rankings. And the news isn't good for the Cardinals or their fans.

St. Louis ranked 24th in the list of 30 major league clubs.

If there is any good news, it is that National League Central Division foes Houston (26th) and Milwaukee (30th) finished worse. But the Reds maybe a force to reckon with for years, ranking sixth on the list with their depth of young pitching leading the way. The Cubs were 16th and the Pirates rank 19th on the farm system ranking.

The poor showing by the Cardinals is disturbing five years after the club said it would focus on internal playier development as its primary source of future talent. It seems like time and time again the Cardinals top prospects fizzle out before they can make it to the big leagues.

This is one of the main reasons why the Birds must re-sign Albert Pujols. There is simply no one in the pipeline who is anywhere close to ready to coming to the majors and being an offensive force on this ballclub.

At some point the Cardinals are going to have to start developing players more efficiently. But, until then, they are going to have to fill in the holes through free agency or else the talent dearth is going to start being felt at the major league level.