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Brewers interested in Nyjer Morgan

I'm getting a heavy dose of the be careful what you wish for medicine this morning.

Yesterday I wrote that I was glad to see former Cardinals pitcher turned outfielder take Washinton outfielder turned jerk Nyjer Morgan's job away.

Now the former Nationals centerfielder has caught the eye of the Brewers who may be seeking outfield help.

It's not that Morgan is a great player -- he's not. Morgan is a career .283 batter with less power than a Nevada boxing commissioner who has some speed but not enough to overcome his knack of killing rallies by getting nailed trying to steal bases. He's just an irritating pain in the hind end who thinks he's a lot better ballplayer than he is.

He'd fit in really well with that shirt untucking crew in Milwaukee that compares favorably to every team in baseball except the Cubs in the category of ratio of celebration to acutual accomplishment.

Morgan is best known to Cardinals fans for getting up and pounding his chest late in the season last year after bowling over Cardinals catcher Bryan Anderson to score a run. The play helped propel the Nats to a 69-93 record, good enough for fifth place in the National League East.

And now it looks like instead of seeing him three times, Cardinals fans may be able to witness Morgan's antics on a much more frequent basis if he joins a division rival.

Get ready for the bean ball wars.