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Castillo might become available a second time

While the Cardinals appaerently passed on former Mets, Twins and Marlins second sacker Luis Castillo a few days ago when New York released him, he may soon be back on the market.

Castillo got off on the wrong foot after signing with the Phillies, reporting nearly two days later to camp than Philadelphia expected him. Castillo's people blamed it on a miscommunication. But it seems that the speedy second baseman rubbed Philly brass the wrong way and that there's a good chance he won't make the team, according to an ESPN report.

After watching the mess that is the St. Louis infield this spring -- not to mention new shortstop Ryan Theriot's struggles at the plate -- I wish the Cardinals would reconsider if they get a second chance at Castillo.

I think it was a mistake for the veteran infielder to sign with the Phillies in the first place. He was released by the Mets less for his play on the field than he was because of the fact that New York fans had turned against him and were unlikely to ever let up. So the solution to that problem is to run into the welcoming arms of the fans who booed Mike Schmidt and Santa Claus?

In Philly, Castillo would have had the unenviable job of trying to fill the shoes of Chase Utley who is shelved with knee problems. And when Utley makes it back, then what happens to Castillo?

The Cardinals could use a permanent second baseman. And playing in front of the forgiving St. Louis fans is a great place for a player to rebuild his stock.