Cheap Seats

Longing to hear the sound of Jack Buck's voice?

If you miss the sound of Jack Buck's voice doing Cardinals games on the radio, you can now take it with you every place you go.

Former Red Sox and Reds beat writer Jeff Horrigan's company, Banshee Music, is handling the digital distribution of the Baseball Voices collection of CDs honoring baseball’s all-time greatest broadcasters, which includes one devoted to Jack Buck.

According to Horrigan:

"The series is produced and narrated by Chicago Cubs play-by-play man Pat Hughes, who has selected the best of the best from the profession, including Buck, Harry Kalas, Marty Brennaman, Red Barber, and Bob Uecker," Horrigan said. "Fans only need to go to iTunes or Amazon and type Jack’s name in the search box to access the digital CD."


I can't wait to get home tonight to try this out. I love to listen to historic baseball calls and I have found that, besides a precious few that we've all seen a thousand times, they're sometimes very hard to find. I planning to load up my ipod with them.