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Cardinals-Reds feud boils over again

The Cardinals and Reds are firing shots at each other again after Jim Edmonds blamed his inability to play this season on the Cincinnati medical staff botching treatment of the Achillies injury he suffered at the end of last season.

Edmonds made the pronouncement on a St. Louis radio show on opening day during which he threw out the ceremonial first pitch at Busch Stadium. He went on to say that the Reds are largely a decent bunch of guys -- except for one of them, a thinly veiled shot at second baseman Brandon Phillips. He also said he wasn't suprised to see Cincinnati get swept out of the playoff last year.

Phillips started the feud last year when he went out of his way to make vulgar and derogatory remarks about the Cardinals in the press. When the clubs met after that, he got into a confrontation at the plate with St. Louis catcher Yadier Molina and a brawl broke out that left back-up catcher Jason LaRue injured. LaRue suffered a concussion, when being held by other players, he was repeatedly kicked in the head with the metal-spiked shoes of Reds pitcher Johnny Cueto.

After Edmonds made his opening day remarks, Phillips tweeted that Edmonds was a "hater" and that he could spill dirt on Jimmy Ballgame that would "make everyone see him in a different light."

Edmonds, signed a minor league contract with the Cardinals over the off-season with plans of being a reserve outfielder. Personally, I wish he would have made some announcement on opening day about his regrets of playing for St. Louis rivals the Cubs, Brewers and Reds.

But I guess this will have to do. And, with the way the Redbirds have started the season, I'm just glad to see something happen to light their fire.