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Pitchers can't do everything by themselves

I wonder how much longer the Cardinals excellent pitching is going to be able to hold up under the weight of their terrible defense and nearly non-existent offense.

Watching the first half dozen games, it seems that the Redbirds hurlers have gotten away from pitching coach Dave Duncan's ground ball philosophy and that they're making a more concentrated effort to try to strike out opposing hitters. Even Jake Westbrook, who has never really been a strikeout guy.

Getting ground balls doesn't pay off when they roll through the massive gap between second and third base or when the second baseman boots a routine play.

The I've gotta do it all by myself attitude can be seen in the high pitch counts Cardinals pitchers are racking up. Chris Carpenter cracked the 100 pitch mark in six innings on Wednesday.

High pitch counts and the pressure of having no margin for error weighs on a pitcher. And, if the Cardinals can't do something to start catching a higher percentage of balls and scoring some more runs, I don't think it's going to be long before the pitching starts to break down.