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Cincinnati meet karma... Karma, Cincinnati

It seems like the ol' injury bug may have found its way to the Queen City.

Reds loudmouth second baseman Brandon Phillips injured his groin in a game Wednesday night and is considered to be day-to-day. But, more significantly, there seems to be a problem with high dollar reliever Aroldis Chapman.

Cincinnati has reportedly shut down the fire-ball tossing lefty because of a shocking drop in his velocity. Clocked last year at well over 100 MPH, Chapman has of late had trouble topping 92 MPH. The Reds hope the problem is because of fatigue. But Chapman has thrown only 5 1/3 innings so far this season. In that span he's allowed only two hits. But he's walked five.

I wonder if Reds outfielder Jonny Gomes, who openly celebrated in reaction to the news of Adam Wainwright's arm trouble, has a song he'd like to sing about this turn of events...

While the Reds are irritating because of their ridiculous gloating to actual success ratio, they will soon likely be humbled if trends don't change drastically.

Despite their hot start, Cinicinnati has averaged only 25,787 fans per home game this season. By comparison, the fifth place Cardinals have drawn 36,991 to there home games. If the pace keeps up, the Cardinals will draw right at their customary 3 million fans per season rate while the Reds will draw about 2.25 million.

It's stunning how small the crowds have been this season at the Reds ballpark despite all the hype around their team.

Long story short, if the Cardinals are having payroll issues drawing nearly a third more fans to their games, how does Walt Jocketty plan to keep the cupboard full in Cincy?