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Reds starter arrested for shoplifting

According to an AP report, Reds pitcher Mike Leake has been arrested in Cincinnati for attempting to shoplift six shirts from a Macy's department store.

The pitcher, who is 23, received $2.3 million dollars as a signing bonus when he was drafted out of Arizona state in 2009. He makes $425,000 a year as a second year major leaguer. The shirts were estimated to be worth about $60.

Leake is 2-0 for the Reds so far this season with a 5.40 ERA. Last season he was 8-4 with a 4.23 ERA in 24 starts.

Representatives of the Reds front office said Monday that they had not yet spoken with Leake and that they had no comment.

According to reports, Leake was caught on video tape attempting to walk out of the department store without paying for six shirts that he was carrying.

Perhaps the most outrageous part of this story isn't that a guy who has made million by the age of 23 got caught stealing. It's that if he was going to bother to swipe something, couldn't he have risked his career and his reputation on some merchandise that was worth more than $10 a pop?