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La Russa puts an end to Franklin's finishing

The Cardinals have annouced that Ryan Franklin, thanks to four blown saves in five tries so far this season, has lost the title of team closer.

Wisely, the club didn't name a successor. But it's believed that Mitchell Boggs will get the opportunity that he's the man for the job. If the Birds named Boggs the successor -- and he blew a couple of saves, suddenly you have a crisis of confidence in the bullpen. Unless you have a big dollar guy that you paid, specifically, to be your stopper doesn't it make more sense to get rid of the labels and just use the best guy for that particular situation.

Some days Boggs' power arm might be the Birds' best bet. On days the other team is lefty heavy, Trever Miller might be the answer...

I'd like to see Boggs eventually gravitate to the role of closer. It would help the Cardinals budget quite a bit if the closer was a young player. But let him grow into the job. Don't force the puzzle pieces together if they don't fit.