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Fox broadcasters debate Pujols contract situation

Fox Sports reporter Ken Rosenthal, was asked during the Saturday national broadcast of the Cardinals game against the Reds was asked for his "gut feeling" about whether the St. Louis slugger will re-sign with the Redbirds.

Without hesitation Rosenthal said he thought Pujols will leave for more money elsewhere. St. Louisan Joe Buck quickly agreed with Rosenthal. But Buck's broadcast partner and former Cardinals catcher Tim McCarver adamantly insisted the Redbirds will not let Pujols go simply because -- as much as they say they can't afford to meet his contract demands -- they can less afford to let Pujols walk away.

Rosenthal said the Cardinals don't seem to be a fit because they don't want to raise their payroll to accomodate Pujols' salary. But McCarver insisted the club has the means to do just that.

"This is not a small market team," McCarver said. "This is one of the greatest franchises in baseball history. I think it would be unorthadox for the Cardinals to pay that kind of money. But I think it is the right thing to do."

McCarver then asked Joe Buck if he thought the Cardinals would offer Pujols $300 million but another team would offer even more. Buck said he didn't think St. Louis would be willing to pay the $300 pricetag that has been suggested as Pujols' next payday.

"Really?" McCarver asked. "That would seem like a bargain to me."

Buck said, and I have been of the same opinion for years as people who read this blog regularly know, that the Cardinals should have approached Pujols about an extension in 2008 or 2009 if they were serious about getting something done.

The only thing that has happened since that time is that the market has gone up, up, up.