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Cincinnati: A parting shot

As Reds fans lick their wounds after their club was pretty thoroughly handled over the weekend by the Cardinals at Busch Stadium, I offer them one final thought.

Oh, it's not from me. It's from your best player of the last 25 years, shortstop Barry Larkin who had some interesting remarks prior to Sunday's series finale.

"I always loved coming here," Larkin, who spent 19 years in a Cincinnati uniform, told the St. Louis media Sunday before taking part in coverage of the game with ESPN. "I always thought someday I'd play here. There's a romance between the players and the fans. That's how it seems from the outside. I thought that was something I wanted to do."

Ouch, that's got to hurt. Larkin wishes that instead of playing his entire career with the Reds he could have played for the Cardinals where he thinks St. Louis the fans are comparatively better than those in Cincinnati.

Of course the greatest shortstop in the history of baseball, Ozzie Smith, spent much of the same time Larkin was an active player patrolling short at Busch Stadium. But Larkin would have made an interesting replacement for Ozzie. He hit .289 from 1997-2004 after The Wizard retired. The Cardinals chose, instead, to go with Royce Clayton who was healthier than Larkin but much less up to the task of replacing a legend.