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Rays designate Felipe Lopez

The Cardinals may be in a pretty desperate situation with third baseman David Freese shelved for up to three months with a broken bone in his hand.

But I don't think they're quite desperate enough to pick up their former third sacker, Felipe Lopez, who was released by the Rays to make room for Evan Longoria's return from the disabled list.

Lopez, who spent a lot of time at third base last year for St. Louis when -- stop me if you've heard this one before -- Freese was anchored on the disabled list, was let go because the Rays apparently tired of his habit of not running out ground balls.

Lopez was batting .222 in 76 trips to the plate. He had a pair of homers and six RBIs with 21 games played at third base and two spent as the designated hitter.

I wonder where Lopez will be able to find a job. He's burned bridges across the majors with his attitude problems. Originally with the Blue Jays, Lopez was dumped to Cincinnati which traded him in a deal to the Nationals who released him. Lopez signed with St. Louis and had the best half season of his career. But he made ridiculous contract demands and ended up signing with Arizona for a fraction of what he originally asked. The Diamondbacks quickly soured on Flip and traded him to Milwaukee. The Brew Crew made no effort to re-sign him and Lopez ended up inking a low dollar deal late in the spring with the Cardinals where he spent most of the season showing up late and irritating his teammates with his unconcerned style of play.

After the Cardinals released him, Lopez refused to accept a deal with San Diego where he could have helped the Padres make it to the post season. Instead he went to Boston where the Red Sox signed him only for the benefit of getting a draft pick when he left as a free agent. Tampa, which also took a gamble on veterans Johnny Damon (which has gone pretty well so far) and Manny Ramirez (which went a little less well) over the off-season in hopes of remaining competitive after losing Carl Crawford and Carlos Pena to free agency.