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On This Date in Cardinals History: May 4, 1910

On this day 101 years ago President William Howard Taft was in St. Louis where he took in not one -- but two -- ballgames.

First the President watched the Cardinals take on Cincinnati at Robison Field. Then, apparently because he didn't want to offend the American Leaguers, he headed across town to Sportsmans Park where he took in a game between the Browns and Clevelend.

The Birds beat the Reds 12-3 in the first match to improve to 5-10 on the season. Led by second baseman Miller Huggins, the Cardinals would turn in a discouraging 63-90 record. The club was 14-12 in May, the only month in which it posted a winning record. It only had a winning mark against one team in the National League, the Phillies. St. Louis won 12 of 22 games against Philadelphia.

In the later contest the Browns and Naps were tied at three runs when the game was called.

While the Birds were bad in 1910, they looked like world beaters compared to the crosstown Brownies. The St. Louis American Leaguers finished the season at 47-107 a whopping 57 games behind the pennant winning Athletics.

It was the second time in a span of a little more than six months that Taft visited St. Louis. On Oct. 25, 1909 he was in the area to dedicate the Federal Courthouse in East St. Louis. He performed the ceremonial deed -- and then watched a parade in his honor -- during a break in a trip down the Mississippi River to New Orleans that included a planned stop in St. Louis.