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Welcome back Nyjer Morgan, see ya later

The baseball gods have given Brewers hotdog/outfielder Nyjer Morgan the middle finger.

Just back in Milwaukee lineup after a trip to the disabled list thanks to a deep thigh bruise, Morgan is set for a return engagement after breaking his middle finger during a bunt attempt against Atlanta.

The Brewers say Morgan, who last year endeared himselves to Cardinals fans by trying to behead the St. Louis backstop Bryan Anderson on a play at the plate as he scored the 13th run in the eight inning of an eventual 14-5 win for his old team, the Nationals.

Here's's take on the play:

Instead of scoring, though, Morgan ran straight toward Cardinals catcher Bryan Anderson, who had stepped a foot or two in front of the plate, and lowered his shoulder for an odd hockey-like check.  Anderson was caught off guard and stumbled to the side while Morgan was called out.


I guess when you have skills that are so limited you're cut by the Nationals in spring training, you have to find a sideshow to try to to keep your place on the roster. But Morgan will be out at least two weeks because of this latest injury.