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The Riot? More like The Distraction

I find it difficult to believe that the same clubhouse full of guys who found Brendan Ryan's lack of focus could tolerate the constant distractions that Ryan Theriot brings to the mix.

Renowned as a scrapper, manager Tony La Russa pushed to add the former Cubs infielder to the Cardinals mix. But, even before he put the Birds on the Bat uniform on for the first time, he drew unwanted attention by saying he was finally on the right side of the Cardinals-Cubs rivalry.

Did he think that they don't have sports talk radio in Chicago and that wouldn't be an issue when the Redbirds headed to Wrigley Field for the first time with him in tow? He must have, because as soon as the Birds got to town, he was chirping on one of those stations about Cardinals fans in an unflattering light.

He also took the manly way out when asked about his previous anti-Cubs comments saying to be asked if it is better to play for the Cubs or the Cardinals is like being asked which of your parents you love more.

Look, pal, your job isn't to be comic relief. And we don't need you to stir the media pot like some sort of Brandon Phillips wanna be. Your job is to make the plays at shortstop and to get on base at the top of the batting order. And, frankly, you're not doing so hot at either one of those things right now. Theriot has two hits in his last 22 at bats and has scored a disappointing 14 runs which ranks as fifth on the team. Not very impressive for a lead-off man. And if David Freese didn't get hurt, Theriot would be sixth.

In the field, Theriot has eight errors already this young season. And he's really lucky the official scorers have been generous. Because he's could have twice that many boots if they counted balls he didn't get to and throws a fielder with an average arm would make.

I'm 41 years old and Theriot is the worst Cardinals shortstop I have ever seen. Has anyone checked to see if Tim Jones is available? He's 48 years old, but I think he'd still cover more ground than Theriot...

As far as I am concerned, the Cardinals can leave Theriot in Chicago when they leave.