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Cardinals claim Jess Todd

If only the Indians would give Chris Perez back to the Cardinals we could put that whole ugly Mark DeRosa trade behind us...

The Redbirds undid the other stomach turning element of the swap today when they claimed relief pitcher Jess Todd off waivers from the Yankees.

Todd was released by the Indians a little more than a week ago to make room for another player on the 40-man roster. He was picked up by the Yankees, but New York cut him loose after two relief appearances to make a 40-man roster move of their own.

Release waivers allow teams to claim a player based on their record with the poorest teams getting first shot. The American League clubs get a shot at an American League player first and if no one claims him, the National League clubs get a shot. It would seem, despite his celebrated potential two years ago when he was dealt for DeRosa, that not much interest remains today.