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May 20: Royals 3, Cardinals 0

Chris Carpenter was one again unfairly tagged with a loss once again after another lousy play by Colby Rasmus led to a late Royals rally.

The St. Louis centerfielder drifted on a ball to his right on a ball that ended up just beyond the reach of his glove. Unfortunately, Rasmus never got close to running full speed after the ball and it seemed that he could have cought it standing up if he would have taken a better route to the ball and hustled a little bit more.

After the initial miscue, Rasmus dogged it the next ball hit to him and then made a lousy throw, airmailing the ball over the head of the cutoff man. It seemed pretty obvious that Carpenter started to lose his composure after the defensive misplays and he ended up getting tagged with three earned runs that should have never happened.

Rasmus also struck out three times in four at bats.

Cardinals Star of the Game: Is it a coincidence that Jon Jay, who filled in so well for Rasmus while he was out with a pulled abdominal muscle, was the only St. Louis position player who really stood out? He was the only Cardinals to collect more than one hit with a pair of safeties. Plus he added a stolen base and an outfield assist.

Cardinals Play of the Game: Albert Pujols hit an elusive double. I guess that was pretty good. The Redbirds really didn't do anything in the clutch all night, however. And their defense was shoddy at best, so there isn't much to write home about.

Lowlight: The Redbirds had a chance to take control of the game early. But with the bases loaded and one out in the second inning Tyler Greene killed the rally with a double play ball.