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Pujols leads NL All-Star balloting

Cardinals slugger Albert Pujols has finally taken the lead in another statistical caterogy besides grounding into double plays.

Major League Baseball announced Tuesday that Pujols, who you may have heard is expected to become a free agent at the end of the season, has receieved 988,784 All-Star votes so far. The next closest Senior Circuit player is Colorado shortstop Troy Tulowitzki who has received 975,777 votes so far.

Pujols is a nine-time All-Star. But he's batting only .262 with nine homers and 30 Runs batted in at the one-third mark of the 2011 season. Milwaukee outfielder Ryan Braun is third in the balloting with 971,809 votes cast in his favor.

I'm glad to see that the Cardinals superstar is getting some All-Star love. But it just goes to show you how silly the current system of selecting players is when a guy who is having his worst season in thrashing defending NL MVP Joey Votto who is batting .330.

You can't blame it on the home town folks stuffing the ballot, either. These days on-line balloting is a much bigger factor than the ballots filled out in at the ballpark. You can vote 25 times per email address at the touch of a button.

Cardinals outfielders Matt Holliday (927,728) and Lance Berkman (872,434) are second and third amongst NL flychasers, which would earn them a starting spot if the trend holds up.