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Pujols home run feat first since 1995

When Albert Pujols hit extra inning walk-off homers in back to back games against the Cubs over the weekend it marked the first time the feat had happened since 1995 when Albert "Joey" Belle did it for the Indians against Toronto, according to ESPN.

The only other player who has accomplished such heroics on back-to-back days in the modern era of baseball was recognized with a patch on the sleeves of the pitchers who tossed the fateful pitches to Pujols -- as well as the sleeves of the other Cubs players on the turf at Busch Stadium.

Ron Santo, who passed away over the off-season and is honored with his number 10 on Chicago's uniforms -- hit extra inning walk off homers on consecutive days for the Cubs in 1966 against Atlanta.

I could find no record of players who hit walk off homers -- extra innings or not -- in three consecutive games.

That makes sense because it is tough to believe that the same player would come up in the same situation two days in a row. And, even if he did, the odd's of getting a hit are less than 30 percent each time. The odds of hitting a homer are microscopic. While the odds stack exponentially against the hitter in a third game, you'd also have to factor in that the manager of the opposing team would have to be legally insane to allow himself to be beat in the same fashion three days in a row.

Cubs manager Mike Quade said Saturday after the loss that he wasn't going to let Pujols beat him like that again. On Sunday he told his pitcher not to throw Pujols anything good. But Albert golfed a low pitch over the boards for a homer.

I'd have to believe if the Cubs played the Cardinals on Monday and Pujols came up with a chance to win the game with one swing -- barring the bases being loaded -- Quade probably would have called for an intentional walk. And, with what Pujols did to the Cubs the previous two days, he might have held up four fingers even if the bases WERE loaded.