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June 15: Nationals 10, Cardinals 0

I'm so glad that Matt Holliday is supposed to return from the disabled list. If the Cardinals would have had him last night they might have only lost 10-2 or 10-3 instead of the 10-0 drubbing they got without him.

It's disturbing how the Birds -- who a week ago had the best record in all of baseball -- have suddenly become lazy and lethargic in the field and at the plate.

I won't dwell too much on the game because I think it is fairly obvious that we're all tired of dwelling on how disappointing the last five days have been -- from a thrilling come from ahead loss to the sleepwalking no show Wednesday night. But it's safe to say that there is more wrong with Kyle McClellan than a two-week stay on the disabled list could cure.

He gave up five runs on seven hits over five innings. His stuff wasn't great. But, then again, he didn't get much help from the defense, either.

Albert Pujols, once again playing out of position at third base, made two errors -- one on a ball he booted into foul territory and another when he tried to protect his bad elbow by flipping a ball across the diamond that Lance Berkman couldn't scoop out of the dirt at first.

Tyler Greene, who hasn't thrilled with his bat this season, let an easy grounder roll under his glove to put the cherry on top of the bad defense sundae.

And if that wasn't enough, Ryan Franklin helped whet our appetite for the All-Star Break Home Run Derby by giving up a pair of moon shot homers to raise his ERA to 8.17 for the season.

I am very hopeful, while he can't solve all the Cardinals woes, that Holliday -- and the reported eminent return of David Freese -- will allow the team to start to field a lineup in which players are in their originally intended positions.

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Lowlight: The pitching, hitting and defense.