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Hopefully Tudor's appearance is an omen

On Friday night the Cardinals had John Tudor, Danny Cox and Whitey Herzog in the house for their game against the Royals as they remembered the 1985 club.

Then Chris Carpenter took the mound and did his best 1985 Tudor impression, pitching pretty well only to watch his record fall to 1-7.

In 1985 Tudor was 1-7 with a 3.74 ERA. But the Cardinals scored three runs or less in seven of his 10 starts. Carpenter, who fell to 1-7 thanks to some terrible defense Friday, has also been poorly supported by his offense. It's odd that the Redbirds batters have supported the team's other starters so well because in many ways Carpenter has treated the rest of the team the best. In the last three weeks only twice has a St. Louis starter gone more than 7 innings in a start. And both times it was Carp.

Hopefully the appearance by Tudor is an omen that Carpenter will recreate the former St. Louis lefty's 1985 turnaround.

Tudor won nine games in a row starting in June and 20 of his next 21 decisions. By the time the season was over his record stood at 21-8 with a 1.93 ERA. He pitched 275 innings and allowed 209 hits. He ended up finishing second in the Cy Young race after an attrocious start. He was eighth in the National League MVP balloting.