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On This Date In Cardinals History: July 3, 1967

Proving the bad blood between the Cardinals and Reds isn't a new thing, the clubs celebrated the eve of Independence Day 44 years ago with a bench clearing brawl at Busch Stadium II.

St. Louis ace Bob Gibson brushed back Reds slugger Tony Perez with a pitch and Perez shouted his disapproval at Gibby - always a bad idea. Perez hit a lazy fly for an out and then the pair began to argue again as Perez headed for the Cincinnati bench. The next thing you know, the benches and bullpens spilled out onto the field and it took police involvement to end the fisticuffs.

I wonder if the fourth place Reds, whom the Cardinals famously brawled with last year in Cincinnati, will be in a fighting mood tomorrow when they arrive for a three game set at Busch Stadium III.