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Pujols reportedly cleared to return

Word from Busch Stadium is that doctors gave Albert Pujols the green light to return to the field a little more than two weeks after he broke his arm in a collision at first base.

There's no doubt that there are great variances in the amount of damage one could sustain under the umbrella of what we would call a "broken arm."

But I sure hope the Cardinals err on the side of caution in this case. Pujols could sit just four games between now and the end of the All-Star Game festivities, gaining a week and a half of healing time in the process. If there is any doubt that he could cause greater damage to his arm by playing before it is completely healed, Albert needs to stay off the field.

It would be a great boost to the Cardinals to get a 100 percent Pujols back. But if he can't play up to his standards -- or if he takes a relatively minor fracture and makes it worse by getting involved in another collision -- he could easily miss the rest of the season.