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Izzy included in Mets bullpen fire sale

Former Cardinals closer Jason Isringhausen is on the trading block as the Mets try to reshape their roster for 2012 and beyond, according to a story in the New York Daily News.

Izzy, who served as the St. Louis closer from 2002-08, has pitched well in a comeback with New York this year. He's allowed 21 hits in 27 2/3 innings pitched so far this year. He's struck out 21 but has walked 13.

While Isringhausen probably wouldn't mind returning to his St. Louis area home to finish his career, I doubt the Cardinals are interested in re-opening the old wounds created when Izzy lost his closer job due to health issues. He remains seven saves short of the elusive 300 mark. But Isringhausen hasn't notched a save in three years. It is doubtful that he has the durability to resume being a major league closer on a permanent basis.

Izzy left on bad terms with the fans who he complained about when they booed his struggles. So it would be an uncomfortable reunion -- especially the first time he struggled. Of course, he could end up with the Reds who signed the veteran righty last season only to see him get hurt while trying to get into shape in the minors.

Also available is Mets current closer Francisco Rodriguez who has 20 saves so far this season with a 3.32 ERA. Rodriguez is cost prohibitive, however because of a clause in his contract that pays him $17.5 million in 2012 if he finishes 55 games this season. At just past the halfway mark of the season, K-Rod has finished 32 games. So, unless they were to re-negotiate the deal, it seems the birds would be extremely likely to hit the 55 games mark if they used Rodriguez to do the job for which they would have acquired him.

Even if he didn't make the 55 games mark, K-Rod has a $3.5-million buyout on his option that would make him a very pricey rental.