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SI: Brewers were on Rodriguez's no-trade list

If you're feeling jealous about the Brewers' pick-up of Francisco Rodriguez, maybe you should step back for a minute and wait to see how this situation plays out.

It was reported Wednesday that Rodriguez was none too happy that he was swapped to a team with an established closer. That will not only hurt his pride, but also his pocketbook. If he finished 55 games this year Rodriguez was due to get $17.5 million next year thanks to a vesting option. He stands at 34 games finished and, barring an injury, doesn't seem likely to get many more chances to close this season.

But before the ink could even dry on those stories word comes out today that Rodriguez had a limited no trade clause -- and the Brewers were on it. So how did he get traded against his wishes? Well, it seems his agent forgot to file the no-trade list with the Mets, according to


Rodriguez, who is known to have a bit of a temper, is an unhappy camper. So the question is will his pitching talents be more of an asset to the Brewers than the hurler's discontent is a distraction? Only time will tell.