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Heath Bell: Cardinals are one of three teams in the bidding

Padres closer Heath Bell told ESPN that he thinks the Cardinals are one of three teams that see to be the most serious about making a trade for him.

"If I had to guess, to be honest with you, I couldn't pick one city. I'd probably say it'd be Texas, Philly or St. Louis. Those are the top three that I've heard," Bell told ESPN when asked where he thinks he's most likely to be traded. "I'd set up under [Philadelphia closer Ryan] Madson and [closer Neftali] Feliz in Texas, and in St. Louis I'd probably close. I don't know. Just have to wait and see and see what happens."

ESPN asked Bell if he would be willing to set up or if he preferred to remain a closer and he said:

"I would like to go to a team that has a chance to win it all. I feel like if they're going to get me, that we're going to win it all. Just with my attitude, my pitching style and what I bring to a team ... I think we'll win it all. [I'm OK with setting up] for this year. Next year, I want to close."

While a closer would be a valuable addition to the Cardinals, I still believe that a starting pitcher would be much more helpful. It all depends on what the Birds would have to give up to get Bell. I wouldn't trade Colby Rasmus for him if it were up to me, especially since he's a pending free agent. I would be more likely to trade Rasmus for Tampa starter James Shields who is under contract beyond 2011.