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Rumor Mill: Padres thought the Birds would be more interested in Bell

The Cardinals might not be so hot at pitching in the late innings. But they're pretty darn good at playing hard to get.

New York Post writer Joel Sherman said the Padres are perplexed by the lack of interest the Cardinals are showing in relievers Mike Adams and Heath Bell. The Yankees, Phillies and other clubs that could use a closer or a set-up guy don't seem too excited, either, Sherman writes.

Of course, everything is relative. While it seems on it's face like the Redbirds ought to swoop in and snatch up one or both of the Padres relievers because it's a buyers market, the real reason that there is little interest might be that San Diego's asking price is too darn high.

If I am St. Louis General Manager John Mozeliak, I know I'm not willing to part with a top prospect or two for a two-month rental of a pending free agent. I'd like to see the Cardinals add both Bell and Adams, a top of the rotation starting pitcher and then get an honest to goodness shortstop and someone capable of playing third base. But all of that isn't going to happen without wrecking the future.

With Albert Pujols, Chris Carpenter, Lance Berkman and several other key components on the verge of free agency after this season, the Birds need to be very careful with their resources because they may have to retool for next season.