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Rumor Mill: Arthur Rhodes

The Cardinals performed a major overhaul of the bullpen at the trade deadline. But they made not be done with their relief corps makeover just yet.

The Rangers earlier this week cut loose veteran lefty Arthur Rhodes, and the word is that the Redbirds are interested. The bad news is they're not the only club bidding for Rhodes' services. The Tigers have also expressed interest in the 41-year-old southpaw.

Rhodes was 3-3 with a 4.81 ERA for the Rangers this year. But part of his struggles might be blamed on the fact that Texas' home field is a hitters' paradise. Batters hit .321 against him this season at The Ballpark at Arlington and only .244 on the road. His ERA at home is 5.93 and on the road it's 3.38.

A veteran of the NL Central, Rhodes  fared much better in 2010 with the Reds when he was 3-3 with a 2.29 ERA. He allowed 38 hits in 5 innings while striking out 50.

The Cardinals could certainly use the veteran left-handed presence. Young southpaw Marc Rzepczynski is the only lefty option in the bullpen and the Birds have already been in a couple of situations where they've used him early and then regretted not having him later.