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Yadier Molina suspended five games

Cardinals catcher Yadier Molina has been suspended for five games in the aftermath of an ugly incident Tuesday in Milwaukee during which he at least twice bumped the home plate umpire.

Molina hotly -- and uncharacteristically -- challenged Rob Drake on his strike zone after the St. Louis backstop was called out on a pitch that the television strike zone indicator showed to be several inches off the plate. The call was similar to a pitch the previous inning on which Skip Schumaker was called out. In between Cardinals at-bats a Milwaukee hitter walked on a full count pitch that Drake called a ball but the simulated strike zone on Fox Sports Midwest showed was easily a strike.

Drake's strikezone was terrible all night, to the chagrin of players on both teams. And I am guessing that at some point after the Schumaker out and the Milwaukee walk that Yadi mentioned Drake needed to call things the same for both teams... And then the umpire punched him out on a lousy call.

Molina apparently realized after he calmed down that he over-reacted and he took it to the field Wednesday where he had a terrible day in the field with a passed ball and a throwing error.

The Cardinals are in a tough spot for catching with both Tony Cruz and Gerald Laird banged up with minor injuries suffered in the same game last week.