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Cards hope to get answer from Rhodes today

Word is that the Cardinals are one of about six teams that are making a play for former Texas bullpenner Arthur Rhodes.

As I mentioned late last week, Rhodes had pretty uninspiring numbers with the Rangers. But much of that was because he played in one of the best hitters parks in baseball. His road numbers aren't bad. Plus Rhodes has a history of success in the National League Central during his recent history with the Reds.

While a lefty like Rhodes couldn't hurt the Birds' bullpen, we're getting to the point at five games back where making a move aimed at the playoffs might be a bit of a stretch. But the Cardinals aren't dead yet. 

Thy ought to offer Rhodes a contract for the rest of this season and for next year to get some of their housekeeping for 2012 done. Rhodes is 41. But he passes the major league litmus test: 1) He's a lefty and 2) He's still breathing.

The Cardinals are going to need a second lefty in 2012. And they're going to be at a premium on the open market. Getting Rhodes in hand now might save the club from being forced to spend more money on several lesser candidates in hopes that one of them will emerge to be able to do the job.

That sort of penny wise, pound foolish thinking is a major contributor to the Cardinals current sorry state with a lousy defense and a crummy bullpen for most of the season that cost the club more games than the number by which it currently trails.