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Shelby Miller suspended

Cardinals top prospect Shelby Miller has been suspended indefinitely for unspecified reasons, the team reported today.

There is talk that the suspension could be related to an alcohol-fueled altercation. If that's the case, the situation is complicated by the fact that Miller, 20, is too young to legally consume alcohol.

While GM John Mozeliak refused to elaborate on the details, it seems that Miller has also recently had a few problems with insubordination. According to the Springfield, Mo. paper, he was yanked from his latest start after 31 pitches because he didn't follow instructions to focus on his secondary pitches and stop relying on his fastball.

Miller, who was named as the player with the best fastball in the Texas League, apparently likes to use it to dominate minor league hitters. But Cardinals coaches would prefer that he work on his breaking balls so that he'll have the tools to some day get major league hitters out.

Word is that the suspension won't last long. And it probably doesn't hurt anything that Miller, who has already racked up more innings this year than he did all last season, gets a little bit of a break.