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On This Date in Cardinals History: Aug. 19, 1941

On this date 70 years ago, former Gas House Gang star and Cardinals skipper Frank Frisch was working as manager of the Pirates.

Irritated by the fact that the umpires refuse to stop the second game of a double header at Brooklyn, despite persistent showers, Frisch emerges from the dugout to talk to the umpires about the situation -- while carrying an opened, large umbrella.

The gesture is unappreciated by crew chief Jocko Conlan who immediately ejected the Fordham Flash.

The moment served as the inspiration for American folk artist Norman Rockwell's painting "The Three Umpires" which features three arbiters in conference with one holding out his hand in attempt to make sense of the drops falling from the sky. In the background of the picture, the scoreboard shows the competitors to be Pittsburgh and Brooklyn while the conspicuous Gem Razors advertisement can be seen on the outfield wall.