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NLCS GAME 4: Top of the first

Top of the first:

Making his first start of the NLCS, Milwaukee centerfielder Nyjer Morgan was booed lustily as he walked to the plate. Kyle Lohse threw a first strike and then fell behind with a pair of pitches off the plate outside. After a 12-day layoff, Lohse intially seems to have good control, keeping his pitches down. Morgan grounded out to shortstop on a softly hit ball for the first out. Mark Kotsay slipped into the second spot of the order. Lohse caught him looking for a called strikeout. Lohse seems to have Milwaukee batters flustered. Both Kotsay and Ryan Braun stepped out angrily after called strikes. But Braun eventually singled up the middle with two strikes. Lohse rebounded to strike out Prince Fielder swinging. Brewers 0, Cardinals 0.