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NLCS game four: Top of the third

George Kottaras leads off the third by striking out looking. Lohse fell behind early by came storming back to get his third strikeout of the game. Unfortunately, seemed to be trying to get cute with his counterpart Randy Wolf and worked the count full after getting ahead 0-2 and he ended up surrendering a double to right field. Lohse then worked an 0-2 count to Nyjer Morgan -- made him look foolish -- and then hit him with an inside pitch to make it two on and one out with the heart of the order coming up. Lohse got Mark Kotsay to fly out to left fielder Matt Holliday -- who looked like he might not have seen the ball right off the bat but recovered to make the play. Ryan Braun popped up about half way down the first base line to Albert Pujols to end the threat.

Seems like a silly way to go about things -- letting the pitcher and a glorified utility player get on and then getting out Kotsay and Braun (who might win the NL MVP Award). But it all worked out in the end. And I love it when Braun and Fielder are broken up.

Cardinals 1, Brewers 0.