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NLCS game four: Top of the fourth

Prince Fielder, left standing in the on-deck circle by Ryan Braun's third inning pop-up, led off the fourth. Lohse lived dangerously, concentrating on the high and outside corner of the strike zone before giving up a double to right center on the ninth pitch of the at-bat. Rickie Weeks hit a ball hard to right center but it was tracked down by Jon Jay for the first out of the inning. Jerry Hairston ripped a ball inside the third base bag to drive home fielder and cut the Cardinals lead in half. The ball was just out of the reach of David Freese as he dove to his right. Yuniesky Bettancourt hit a ball to centerfield. It looked like Jay's relayed throw would beat Hairston to the plate. But he slid around the tag. It appeared from the replay that Hairston may have missed the plate with his hand as he slid by. But the home plate umpire said he touched it. George Kottaras grounded out to second base for the second out of the inning. After falling behind pitcher Randy Wolf 3-0, Lohse rallied to get him to fly out to left center.

The plate umpire had a very liberal strike zone early in the game. But now it's suddenly tight. Lohse started off efficiently but has had three lengthy innings now of 20 pitches or more and he doesn't seem to be long for this game.

Brewers 2, Cardinals 2.