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NLCS game 4: Bottom of the fourth

Ryan Theriot buggy whipped a 1-0 pitch to left field for the first out. It's a shame that one went right to Ryan Braun because it looked like a double off the bat. Jon Jay grounded out weekly to the right side for the second out and Kyle Lohse hit a lazy fly for the third out of the inning.

It's a shame that the Cardinals weren't able to answer the Brewers rally in the bottom of the fourth for a couple of reasons. First, for scoreboard reasons. But, second, Cardinals starter Kyle Lohse got virtually no rest after a long inning and now he has to go back out and face the top of the Milwaukee order in the fifth. Thanks to the Brewers rally, Lohse will face the baseball equivalent of having the other team score right before halftime in a football game -- and then you have to kick off to them to start the second half.

Brewers 2, Cardinals 2.