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NLCS game four: Top of the seventh

Octavio Dotel is in for the Cardinals in relief. He retired Mark Kotsay when Albert Pujols made a sweet diving play to his right and tossed the ball to Dotel covering the bag. The St. Louis reliever then struck out Ryan Braun. Dotel had Prince Fielder at two strikes and looked like he got him to go around but the third base umpire drew the wrath of the Busch Stadium crowd by ruling that Braun checked his swing. And Fielder went from being down 0-2 to working a two-out walk. Rickie Weeks then appeared to strike out on a check swing. But the third base umpire called time out and said the pitch didn't count. Fortunately, Dotel had another strike in him and ended the inning.

Brewers 4, Cardinals 2.