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NLCS game four: Bottom of the eighth

Albert Pujols lead off against Francisco Rodriguez and hit a ball right up the middle. But the Brewers were playing a shift and Craig Counsel was standing right behind the bag. I'm not sure why a team would play a shift that would give a team down by two a free baserunner. And I'm less sure why the hitter wouldn't go the opposite way and take the free base. But that's what happened. David Freese singled to bring the tying run to the plate. Holliday reached for a 2-1 pitch and grounded to third. The throw to first base was bobbled by Prince Fielder who scooped the ball and then ran away from the first base umpire as he fielded it to shield that he might not have had control of the ball. Yadier Molina fouled off several pitches. But he eventually struck out to send the Cardinals to their last chance.