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NLCS game four: Bottom of the Ninth

Ryan Theriot dribbled a ball out in front of the plate and was thrown out to start the bottom of the ninth inning. Jon Jay followed up by quikcly getting behind 0-2. He worked the count full and then fouled off a ball that looked like it was probably going to be ball four before grounding out to short. Lance Berkman came in as a pinch hitter, which is unfortunate since even if he homered, the Cardinals would still trail. He pulled a hard grounder that would have brought the tying run to the plate that was a foot or a foot and a half foul. But Berkman rallied to hit a ball to the left of the second baseman to get on. But Rafael Furcal hacked at the first pitch -- which was obviously just what he was looking for as evidenced by the way he grounded routinely to shortstop.

Brewers 4, Cardinals 2.