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Carpenter may miss World Series opener

Couldn't we at least have 24 hours to enjoy winning the pennant?

Apparently not. Because the Cardinals now say that Chris Carpenter has a sore pitching elbow that may prevent him starting game one of the World Series in St. Louis.

This is bad, bad news if it turns out to be anything worse than that he slept on his arm funny. As Cardinals can likely remember, Carpenter was injured down the stretch in 2004 and was unavailable to pitch in the World Series against the Red Sox.

I have often wondered how that series might have turned out differently if the St. Louis ace would have been able to make a couple of starts. If you remember, although the Cardinals were swept in the Fall Classic, all of the games were close. Woody Williams had to take Carpenter's place in Boston and he twice blew St. Louis leads. Would things have been different if Carp made that start instead and the Redbirds returned to St. Louis tied at one game each as opposed to down 2-0? We'll never known.