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$40 million a year for Pujols?

At least one major league agent thinks Albert Pujols ought to ask for a $40 million a year contract, according to's Jon Heyman.

The agent in question thinks that Pujols could pull down that amount for six seasons for a total of $240 million.

If that deal was struck, Pujols wouls be 38 when the contract expired which gives him some chance of scoring another short but pricey deal before it's off into the sunset. But if Pujols is genuine in his desire to stay with the Caridnals, I'm not sure that it makes much sense. The Cardinals certainly couldn't commit that high of a percentage of their payroll to one player and remain competitive. And, even with the shorter term of the deal, the un-named agent suggests that Pujols would be a better fit for an American League team because he could DH toward the later stages of the deal.

That's the sort of wild hare deal I worry about throwing the Cardinals' Pujols plans out of whack. But Heyman, for the record, said most baseball execs and agents still believe Pujols will re-sign with the Redbirds.

One rumor I have heard is that the 2011 World Series might serve as an audition for Pujols. The Rangers have a new mega cable deal in hand and a shortstop turned second baseman turned third baseman playing first base in Michael Young. Pujols, it is speculated, could fit nicely at first base and at the plate in the Rangers' ballpark which is one of the best hitters' fields in all of baseball. Pujols could be a huge draw for the Latin population in Texas. But I wonder if the Rangers would want to lay out a record breaking contract when they paid so dearly for venturing to sign Alex Rodriguez to what was the largest deal in baseball history at the time.

I wonder if Albert was showing his cards a bit when he mentioned after the Cardinals clinched their World Series berth Sunday that he thought Prince Fielder would end up back with the Brewers. It would seem that he's placing a lot of faith in Fielder's desire to play a certain place over going to the highest bidder in making that prediction. Hopefully that is a sign that Pujols' desire is truely to remain in St. Louis and not look for the biggest payday.