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I still like the Cardinals' chances

I don't know if I gained some perspective and wisdom over the season, if I just have that much confidence in this current Cardinals team or if I punched myself out over the course of the regular season.

But, unlike the countless times I flipped out because of late innings Cardinals gaffes that cost them regular season games, I'm not shaken by the Thursday night loss to the Rangers that evened the World Series at one game each.

The Cardinals have made a couple of mistakes along the way. And so have the Rangers. But, for the most part, these have been two very good World Series games. I am happy with the way the Cardinals are playing and I still think their best is good enough.

Texas won Thursday by the narrowest of margins. Ian Kinsler's bloop hit was an accident. He was extremely close to being nailed trying to steal second base and -- if Albert Pujols would have been able to hang onto Jon Jay's relay throw, Kinsler was likely to have been caught in a rundown between third base and home. If any one of those three things happened differently, the Cardinals may very well have hung on and we'd be enjoying a 2-1 lead.

The Redbirds have won in Philadelphia. They have won in Milwaukee and they can win in Texas. Pundits said the Cardinals couldn't hold the Rangers offense down. But the St. Louis Hurlers have held them to two runs a game. Now they're going to the band box in Arlington where Texas will surely get its offense going. That's fine. Have the experts heard of Albert Pujols, Lance Berkman and Matt Holliday who have 90 homers and 300 RBIs between them?

I think the St. Louis bats will play well in Texas. Albert Pujols hit a ball in the bottom of the eighth at in game two at Busch Stadium that would have been out of Ameriquest Field. Yadier Molina and David Freese might also have homers under their belts already in a smaller park.

Maybe I'm fooling myself, or maybe I am just worn out after a long season. But, while I lost sleep over the loss of a four-run lead to the Brewers in the NLCS and the fact that the Redbirds lost a chance to close out Philadelphia at Busch Stadium in the NLDS, I didn't lose any sleep last night.

I'm looking forward to a good game Saturday. And if the Redbirds can win at least one in Texas, they'll come home with a chance to win the Series at Busch Stadium. Or, better yet, it they could win two, they'll have two chances to win a clinching game under the shadows of the arch.