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2011 World Series game four: Rangers 4, Cardinals 0

Sometimes you have to just tip your cap to the other team. And, obviously, Rangers starter Derek Holland pitched incredibly well.

But I am a little bit concerned that the Cardinals' huge offensive outburst in game three knocked the club off its game plan. And it needs to get back in the groove to keep from falling behind in the series tonight.

In the first three games of the series it seemed that the Redbirds' mission was to try to drive the ball to the opposite field. Most of the Cardinals hits in the first two games at Busch Stadium were from the middle of the field to the opposite half. But it seemed like the club was geared up for home run derby as soon as it hit Texas. Allen Craig cranked a ball over the left field boards to start the scoring in game three and, of course, Albert Pujols hit three home runs to left, so it seemed like swinging from the heals was inevitable.

The result was, the day after scoring 16 runs, the Cardinals only managed to hit two balls out of the infield. The really frustrating thing was the ninth inning, with the Birds down by four runs and Pedro Feliz struggling to throw strikes, that the St. Louis hitters went up to the plate hacking away at anything within the area code at home plate. You can't hit a grand slam with two runners on base. So you might as well make the pitcher work for it and hope you can dial up the pressure by bringing the tying run to the plate.

The Redbirds need to get their stroke back for tonight's game in Arlington. It's smart baseball, when the team struggles against lefty pitchers, to not try to do to much and take the ball to right center. Keep the pressure on by getting guys on base, getting them over and getting them in.