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2011 World Series game five

Albert Pujols set the standard for offensive production in game three of the World Series. The whole team set a new standard for futility in the fifth game.

It could all be perfectly summed up by the top of the ninth in which Texas closer Pedro Feliz hit the leadoff man to bring up Albert Pujols as the tying run. Then Pujols whiffed on strike 'em out, throw 'em out double play on pitch that was at least six inches outside. Instead of two on and no outs. There were none on and two outs. Then Matt Holliday drew the NINTH walk of the game for the Cardinalsn and Lance Berkman struck out a ball that rolled 40 feet from home plate when catcher Mike Napoli couldn't catch it. While Berkman pouted at the plate, Napoli chased down the ball and managed to get it to first base in time for the final out of the game.

The Birds HANDED Texas outs time and time again.

I haven't been disappointed in the Caridnals' effort for more than a month and a half. But their total lack of focus in game five of the World Series was absolutely disgusting.

The Redbirds should have OWNED that game with all the runners they had on base. But with runners in scoring position they took wild swings and couldn't even put the ball in play. The number of opportunities they squandered is absolutly sickening. Instead they were 1-12 with runners in scoring position and they hung their ace, Chris Carpenter, out to dry.

I'm not asking for a hit in every at bat. I am asking for a sacrifice fly when they bunted a guy over to third base with no one out. Or how about one hit in every four at bats with runners on second and/or third? The lack of any sort of production from the middle of the order and down doomed the Cardinals when the Rangers decided that they weren't going to let Albert Pujols hurt them anymore. Holliday, the highest paid Cardinal in history, disappeared with the chips on the table. He is paid to make the other team sorry for walking Pujols.

It almost wasn't a surprise at all that when the Rangers had an opportunity to break the game open in the eighth inning that the lefthanded hitter that Marc Rzepczynski was brought in to retire hit an easy double play ball right back to him that he boxed it and threw the door wide open. And with the bases loaded and one out, he then served up a two run double to give the Rangers a pair of runs and complete their collapse.

I wish I had a quarter for everyone who has said "It's over" to me in the last half hour. It's not over. The Cardinals lost two of three in Milwaukee in 1982 and won a pair at home to win the championship. They lost game four at home against the Phillies in the NLDS this year and had to face Roy Halladay on the road. The problem is that they've blown two games that they should have won. And at some point you are going to pay the price for wasted opportunities in a best of seven series.

The only thing more aggitating than hearing pepople say it's over is hearing people say "well, at least they MADE IT to the World Series." If you don't care if they win or lose, you aren't a fan.